Gētā Shazi


First Name: Geta
Family Name: Shazi
Gender: Male
Attraction Rating: Above Average
Social Power:
Age: 17
Height: 6
Weight: 4

Character Notes
Skin Color: Pale, Dark rings around eyes
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Red
Hair Type: Straight
Hair Length: Short, kept near ear length
Bust Size: AA
Stance: Prideful

Head: /
Face: Engraved Mask (Usually kept off unless on mission)/
Neck: /
Torso: Plain black shirt, Light tan cloak covering over most of his clothes. Gourd carried on back/
L. Arm: /
L. Hand: Arm band around wrist/
R. Arm: /
R. Hand: Arm band around wrist/
Hip: Tan wrappings around pants/
L. Leg: Pants leg, pouches strapped to leg/
L. Foot: Sandal/
R. Leg: Pants leg/
R. Foot: Sandal/

Ninja Info Card:
Ninja Grade: ?
Ninja Rank: ?
Ninjutsu: ?
Taijutsu: ?
Genjutsu: ?
Mental: ?
Strength: ?
Endurance: ?
Acrobat: ?
Dexterity: ?
Grit: ?

Known Techniques

Known Habits


Gētā Shazi

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