Naruto: Mandate of Heaven

Afternoon, May 5th, Year 1 (First session)

The Genin who would take on the Chuunin Exam arrived to meet with their instructor for the test, but also eachother for the first time.

"Infront of you lies a massive, stone door blocked by thick and spiked steel chains which hug it's form in the shape of an X, each chain coming out of a hole in the wall near the door down to another on the other side. The room itself seems cooler than the outside yet lacks any wind excluding the feeling of a cool and wet mist coming from under the great stone door.. It is dimly lit by torches on the wall, only at the very end leaving a majority of the room to be unknowingly dark with a small path of flicked flames from entrance to entrance."

Zen stared at the door for a moment. He never really was a fan of dimly lit rooms. The boy took his eyes off the door and glanced around at the people who had gathered with him today.

Del stares the door down, their lips pursed as they take it all in. This was a rather odd way to test them, but they supposed it could have been worse. Smirking they would gaze around the other Genin who had joined with them before turning their gaze back onto who they assumed was the chuunin. 
"Rather nice day for a dive."

Kumiko would stare at the door as she glances around herself and tilts her head a bit before sighing.  She would hear what Del says and glances over at him noting the smirk.
"A dive you say?"

Geta glanced up and down the large door, trying to find some weakness it either it or the chains before shrugging, turning to glance at the rest who had arrived with him. "Speak for yourself, I have no plans on getting wet."

Shiho Unasan wanders into the dark and cold complex, a look of truly neutral feelings on their face as their small hands begin to slide into their coat pockets. She remains quiet as a gaze begins to look over the room while perching her back to rest on a nearby pillar, curious of what could be behind that door.

Sachiko steps into the room, the small rattling of her armor rubbing against itself, aswell as the long metal staff cast across her back, being the first indicator of her presence. She looks up at the door, offering a faint scoff before lowering her gaze from the metaphorical clouds to the short stuff surrounding her. "Hey, guys." She says, offering a bright grin to anyone who would then look her way.

Hikaru walks into the room, tail swaying behind her as she looks at the door, shrugs and takes in the others present. "So we're the genin candidates hmm? Hi everyone!" She gives a lazy wave.

Del proceeded to make a comment towards Sachiko about their unusually large amount of armor.

Del gazes upon the rag tag group of genin a faint smile on her face as she took note of the giant thing in armor. 
"That's a lot of steel." She states in a clear and chipper tone before shifting their gaze towards the door.

Sachiko takes up a particularly wide, but comfy, stance, her legs shifted outwards a tad wit her arms folded across her chest. She nods to Zen, then to Shiho, grinning to the two before shifting her gaze up towards the doorway. "Iron." She corrects the lime-haired girl.

After a moment of light talk between the group, the door became to act on it's own. The chains begin to strain, as if they are being pulled apart, bowing back and forth before becoming completely still.

The Shazi (Geta) adjusts the large gourd on his back. "Is the door trying to open itself?"

The Chains rip themselves from their binds, sliding into the uppermost holes as they graze across the heavy door's form out of view, and it begins to slightly open.

Sachiko strides forward upon noting the strain of the door, making her way to the head of the pack with her gaze lifted up towards it. Clearly, she had no real lack of bravado- or stupidity, either or. "Sachiko Akimichi." She introduces herself shortly after.

Shiho begins to perk an eyebrow as they chains are pulled up, then opts to slide to the OTHER side of the pillar just incase some test was about to go down.

Upon reaching the front of the pack, Sachiko unfolds her arms and peers through the small crack in the door, leaning forward to do so.

Kumiko would follow Shiho's lead and moves behind a pillar as well as she shoots the nubby girl a grin.

"If you don't mind Sachiko, i'll be standing behind you just in case. I don't have iron armor just in case." They (Del) say in a casual tone, taking a few steps to the left.

The door is pressed open by a Woman in her early 20's seeming to have a somewhat revealing dancers get up with the torso covered by a Chuunin vest and a Headband strapped to her head, resting on her shoulders is one of the steel spiked chains as she smiles at the crowd, making sure nobody can gaze in the door before it closes shut once more.

Zen groaned and got back up. It seemed like things were starting and he didn't want to be the only one unprepared.

Noting also that someone was coming through, Sachiko quickly straightens her posture and looks down upon the newly arrived woman. She moves her arm out just enough to shoot a thumbs up towards Del, clearly approving of her strategy.

Hikaru's attention shifts to the chuunin, making sure to keep her distance from the door all the same just in case the exam was going to start with a surprise attack of some sort. They were ninja and all.

"Welcome" She (Door Woman) says, her eyes blink as she takes a good look at Sachiko up front. "That's a lot of metal." She grinned "Should be glad were not enemies." She commented in a somewhat cocky way before waving her to back up a bit. "Alright, form a line-we got some talking to do."

Del takes a step forward, taking a stand right next to Sachiko. May as well start the line somewhere. "Thanks for having us." Del says with a bright smile.

Sachiko offers no more than a stoic expression in response to the comment, mostly because she didn't entirely understand the implications. She offers a short bow to the Chuunin and takes a step back as instructed.

Shiho begins to look over from behind the pillar and begins to run forward-though rather slowly and without any grace as her chest puffs out and she closes her eyes, seeming to have a real struggle under the weight of her clothes or overall lack of acrobatic fitness.

Geta stares at the newly arrived Chuunin, seemingly judging her slightly before moving to get into line.

Hikaru ambles up a bit to by the pillars with an easygoing pace.

Kumiko would move out of behind her pillar and bows to the chuunin, "Greetings ma'am.  Thank you for having us and taking the time out of your schedule for us."

Sachiko straightens her posture upon noting that she was the center of the line, her arms straight down by her side. The slight clank of her heels snapping together follows, the young lady standing straight like a tower.

The Woman would look over towards Zen "We always got a slow one-don't be shy. Women don't bite." She rattles her chains a bit. "Unlike Snags."

Zen moved up next to Geta. "My bad."

"Some women might bite. . ."  She (Kumiko) whispers softly with a smirk.

"I am Hina Entenka, and I will be your course instructor." She gestures her left hand to the door as she steps to the side. "In two days time, you will enter these doors and either donate yourselves to the Shimagakure cause or a monster's stomach." Her smile doesn't waver as she blinks now eyeing down each person. "Ahh…nobody here is a fellow Entenka from the looks of it." She then begins to move back infront of the door. "These are your peers-though there really should be more of you…at least two more." She begins to frown. "You'll just need to pass word to them if I don't get to them myself then." She adjusts her shoulders and blinks, then looks down and blinks before looking back up and blinks. "Any questions?"

Sachiko listens in relative silence, aside from the slight shifts of her body and the prompt clank of her gear. Once the short speech was over, Sachiko raises her hand, making her question known. "When do we eat?" She asks, straight-faced as she stares towards the Chuunin.

Del blinks, shaking her head. The constant winking appeared to be contagious. Lifting her chin up she would stare the woman up and down with a careful eye. 
"None that I can think of." 
She comments in a slightly bored tone, thinking of what to do with her two days off. This could be a rather relaxing break all things told. Then her eyes shift onto Zen for a few moments.

"Can you give us any idea of what we'll run into?" Asked Geta.

Hikaru waits for the end of the speech before giving a question of her own. "What exactly is our goal in there?"

A white haired boy begins to barge from the door. "Hey-i'm here! Sorry i'm late!" A boy in his mid-teens calls out as he rushes towards the crowd.

Hina begins to respond with a giggle. "You eat when you get to your appointed room, though those will not be ready for a few hours." She then looks over at Geta and laughs. "Here's your hint-" She was then interrupted by the boy barging in.

Zen tapped his toes against the ground as he noticed someone else walk in. He turned around to see who had entered.

Sachiko offers a short nod of her head, keeping her attention forward despite the interruption of the new arrival.

Kumiko would nod and nods a little as she gives a small wave to the new comer as she turns to give the chuunin her full undivided attention.

Shiho turned slightly to gaze back at the boy with white hair, seeming stunned by the development, were they one of the missing two?

Del's gaze shifts from Zen and now goes towards the new arrival. "You're late."

Geta glances over to the new-comer. "Better late than never."

"Look! I even have a note." They (Genin) begin to say, offering out a scroll from their pocket as they wander closer.

Hina blinks "A…note?"
She then looks puzzled "From who? I'm the instructor-this is" She says beginning to cock a thumb back and let out a long winded "Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" As it fired up with a grin "turf"

Hikaru glances at the new arrival and Hina, wondering how this was going to play out.

"It doesn't sound like notes you write yourself count man." Stated Zen.

"The Kage herself!" He began to let out excitedly as he pushed through the crowd through the least resistance (Del and Geta)

  • Geta doesn't move
  • Del easily allows themselves to be misplaced.

The note is then handed to Hina Entenka as the late Genin starts to back up. Once the instructor opened the note, Ink blasted out covering their face while the Genin was already booking it out the door.

"Huh, suicidal kid." Commented Hikaru

"I'm a ninja man! Hahaha!" He (Genin) begins to call out.

Del bursts out with a single laugh before slapping their hand over their mouth.

"Don't forget the name! FUSA KAGUYA!"

Zen's hand moves to stop himself from busting out with laughter.

Geta just blinks, not sure what to make of what just happened.

Hikaru makes a mental note to trust nothing involving that person, while keeping her laughter on the inside

The ink on Hina's face begins to boil as her chain becomes a scorching orange.

Del was still stifling her own laughter, enjoying this sight before beginning to take a few steps back.

"Bah!" Hina roars out as the ink began to rise off her face like steam. "Your lucky i'm teaching a class, punk! I'm going to find you and tie you up to the Tua notice board when i'm done!" She roared out with an angry fist.

Zen forces himself into a fake coughing fit to stop himself from laughing. He didn't need any trouble.

Sachiko shifts her gaze from the boiling ink, up towards the chains, then back down towards the Chuunin. Her demeanor is remarkably calm despite the ridiculous circumstances.

The Kaguya just continues to run off, laughing "You can't stop the future 3rd Kage! You are just a LADYPANTS"

"Ladypants?" Questioned Zen.

"I'm sure it's a loving nickname." Del murmers, preparing to step behind Sachiko if the worse was to come.

"Not the most creative one, is he?" Hikaru asked.

"Ladypants…" (Geta)

Shiho's eyes blank out as she began to cover her mouth, letting out little noise like laughs more akin to slow, drawn out witch cackles before quickly whispering to herself ladypants and bursted into laughter.

Hina begins to twirl around the burning hot chain and slammed it against the wall vertically along the center, melting it into place. She doesn't turn as she just stares forward.

Zen looked up at the chain melting into the wall. "Guess it isn't a nice nickname." He muttered to himself.

"I'm getting the feeling that we're going to be short one Kaguya soon." Hikaru commented.

"But he's going to be the third Kage, how can he be caught?" Del responded.

Hina turns around, clasping her hands happily "So, two days and you get to go through this door." She gestures "Be sure to check the Tua notice board later today to see a Kaguya hung by their pants from it." She then rose a finger as she remembered additional information.  "Also be sure to come by the Hq in about eh…6 hours and think of the people you wish to dorm with." Her finger rose up and pointed out a few individuals. "Big girl, Foxy lady annnnd…..Green hair. Her finger then lowered "You three will pick out the rooms and roommates, no gender restrictions, you are all adults."

  • "Understood." (Sachiko)
  • "Sure." (Hikaru)
  • "I can do that." (Del)

"Now-go have some fun, get to know each other-you'll need to at least put up with eachother come time." (Hina)

Sachiko turns once the Chuunin had moved past her, raising her hand for yet another question. "What if I wish to room with one of those two, ma'am?"

Hina turns to look at Sachiko with a loving smile "You don't get to…least not without giving up your perks right now. In which case we'll give it to the Slow boy. She began to wander on back towards the door. "I have a genin to hunt, have a sweet time and remember you guys have a pre dungeon festival in your honor tommorrow, courtesy of the Tua people."

"Pre Dungeon Festival …" Del murmurs, appearing confused.

Sachiko's otherwise stoic and professional demeanor is quickly broken by the news of a festival. A festival usually meant food. The girl grins.

Hikaru's ears perk up at the mention of a festival. "Ooh, more entertainment after the show at the board?"

"A festival sounds enjoyable." (Geta)

The Genin then began to talk to one another, trying to determine who they would be rooming with.

Del nods slowly as her gaze shifts towards Zen. They would raise their hand up and wiggle their fingers in his direction. She smiles wide, revealing their perfect teeth as they lift their chin, having to look far upwards. "How'd you like to dorm with me?"

Zen tilted his head at Del. "I don't really have a reason to say no, but then again why me? Other than me being cool."

"You're cool?" Del shook their head before beginning to laugh. "No, it's because you're pretty." She continues on, smiling ever so sweetly. "That and you'd be the last pick. I hate to put someone through that." 

Zen takes a half-step back. "Last pick!?" He glanced at the other girls. "I mean…"

Kumiko would move near the 'foxy lady' and poke her, "Can I room with you?"

Hikaru shrugs herself, smacking Kumiko lightly in the head with her tail. "Maaaybe. I have six hours to get to know you after all~"

Kumiko would meep and begin to twitch with eyes locked onto the tail she was hit by.

Shiho began to back out of the line, not seeming to enjoy the formality when it was not needed and instead decided to once again lean against the pillar looking at Hikaru. "So you got a tail." She would casually respond as her hand rose up to point at her nubs. "I've got nubs." 

Hikaru looks at Shiho and her nubs. "So you do. I like my tail more though, it's nice and fluffy and warm." She replies, wrapping said tail around her like a scarf. "Those nubs are cute though."

Shiho gives a smile "Does look pretty soft, i'll admit." As she begins to hug herself in her oversized tactician jacket. "But i've got my old Jacky for that."

"That is one down. I need to find two more…" Del then turns around and checks out Sachiko before trailing over towards her.
"Hi, we should talk about the two who are missing. We should draw lots for them."

Sachiko turns to face the grouping, sweeping her gaze from left to right. She looks down at Del once she steps up. "Take red hair, I'll wild card the two that show up." She responds.

Del's eyes gaze upwards before shrugging. "Rooming with two boys does sound difficult. But that's a fair dear." She comments, smiling before turning to stare at the Shazi.
"You're the last pick."
"Welcome to the Del room."

"I suppose I don't have much of a choice, even if you can't tell I'm male." (Geta)

Zen slid over to Hikaru and Shiho "Hi, I don't think we've been formally introduced. I'm Zen."

Shiho looks over at Zen as he wandered closer. "Oh, hey-you didn't get to pick your roommates like me." She lets her hand out for a handshake. "I don't need to impress you." 

Zen reached out to shake the girl's hand. "I mean, you could try."

"Na, that's wasted effort." Shiho smiles

"Wasted effort? Heh, I like you Shiho." Hikaru commented on the situation.

"Hey-great!" Shiho continues to smile "You see that Zen? I impressed the right people by not impressing you."

A lightly humming lad jogs his way cheerfully in from the east, unusually long hair for a boy, and the term 'pretty' seemed to fit him more than 'handsome', nonetheless the lad happily waved in greeting to the lot with a bright smile. "Hello! Sorry I'm late!"

Shiho began to eye the Uchiha. "Oh-a little late boy." She began to comment, looking away as if she was instantly superior to him. "Well I guess you can." She begins to blush as she covers her face with her right sleeve. "Oh dear, such a brute." She whispers

Del's eyes then shift towards Hatsu as they waved then commented towards Sachiko. "Should tell him about his room choices, Sachiko ."

Sachiko points a stubby finger at him. "You're mine." After a short pause, she clears her throat. "…You're in my room."

Geta puts Del out of his mind, continuing over to Hikaru , Shiho and Kumiko giving them a small wave in greetings.

"The moon has blocked my sun." Shiho begins to whine out about Geta's cockblocking.

"I'm sorry?" Geta says in response, not sure what Shiho was talking about.

"And I am Kumiko Kumori teehee." She says knuckling her head and sticking her tongue out playfully.

Hatsu blinks with a pleasantly confused look upon his face. "Eh? Mine? But I thought we were going into a dungeon not a mine." Upon the clarification from Sachiko he simply nodded with the same cheery expression. "Oh, okay, sure!" Finally he looked to Shiho and Hikaru. "Oh, I'm Hatsu. Hatsu Uchiha! Nice to meet you. And well, I wouldn't say I'm a slouch when it comes to lifting stuff, but my dad says I suck at fighting. That's why I want to be the best courier ever!"

Del pauses, squinting at the role of courier. She would never have imagined one would chose that, let alone one of this build. She would slowly begin to trail over towards him, smiling. 
"Hatsu, was it? I am Del Zwicky. I'm sure the others will give their names in time, even if nubs seems to be shy with her own."

"Ah, nice to meet you too Del!" Hatsu replied while returning Sachiko's thumbs up with a brighter grin. "And what's nubs? Is it a new dish? I wouldn't mind eating something."

Time would pass the the group began to converse, Hatsu seeming to grab a majority of the room's attention with relative ease, given he wasn't even trying.

Shiho shifts more towards Hatsu, closing the girl wall.

Kumiko would blush a bit and moves closer to Hika though.  "Show us some lifting, Hatsu."

Shiho would begin raising her hand, trying to get Hatsu's attention. "Ahh!" She let out in a squeal, her eyes closing as she jumped up and down in a blush while screaming out semi coherent language. "Lift a biology book! A Biology book!" 

Hatsu would blink in confusion at Shiho's words for a moment before nodding at Kumiko and looking around for something to demonstrate, his gaze returning to Shiho again. "Okay, want me to lift you up then? I promise to be gentle!"

"I have a gourd of sand, perhaps trying that Uchiha." Suggested Geta.

Zen decided to stop being mopy and moved over to join the group. He stood next to Del. He just shook his head hearing Hatsu offering to lift people up.

"Ooh, that I want to see." Hikaru commented happily.

Del blinks at the crowd of girls fawning over the admittingly attractive young man. Letting out a single laugh she would shake her head. 
"Good thing you snatched him up. I'm sure you must be ecstatic for the rooming." 
Del then inches closer. 
"I am more of a distance fighter, excellent with throwing weapons but not much else." 
The Zwicky shrugs.

Shiho begins to look around, dramatically. "Oh the beast is going to lift me." She begins to move closer as if surrendering. "I lack the strength to protect myself from your barbaric Uchiha hands and ways." She begins to look up with a sigh. "Please be gentle, oh so gentle-i've never been carried like a spoil of war." 

Hikaru whistles. "Wow Shiho, you've got it bad."

Kumiko smiles watch how Shiho is acting and nods.  "Shi chan is cute."

Zen stared at Shiho for a moment and bit his bottom lip staring at the Uchiha. "Alright pretty boy, I think we've had enough of your showboating."

Hatsu blinks yet again Shiho's words flying over his head and simply translating it to 'Okay you can pick me up', so the lad moved to slide an arm around her back and under her legs, attempting to hoist her up in a bridal carry slowly with ease, laughing. "You have an interesting way of talking!" He then turned his gaze towards Zen, still grinning cheerfully. "She's really light though! You could pick her up too! Like a feather."

Shiho looked away in a defeated blush as she felt the arms caressing around her form. "Oh-thank you." She began to say as her eyes closed. "The beast flaunts his prize to all the beta males around-how primal of him to just waltz in here and claim the best prize with the aims to walk out." She began to press a hand against her head as the tension built. "Truly a man, a warrior-a barbarian whose hands caress my form."

Sachiko shrugs her shoulders at first, glancing up towards Hatsu then back down to Del. "Sure." She off-handedly responds, seeming more interested in topics other than pretty boys and their muscles. "Well, I had to make this myself." With that, she thumbs over her shoulder to the staff. "I can close gaps pretty good."

Del nods sagely, finding her neck beginning to ache from staring so far up for so long at Sachiko. It appears this one was a wall. 
"I think we could work well off each other." 
Rubbing at their chin,  the lime haired ninja considered it all. This group was a rather diverse group, even if most of them were rather young and led by their hormones it appears. Not that they themselves did not pick a room mate choice for that reason.
"We'll need to test out some combo moves in the dungeon together. I need to work on my team mate skills."

Sachiko offers a grin down at Del, folding her arms back across her chest again. "Good idea. I'll smack them, you…" She pauses, entirely unsure of what Del could actually do other than throw things. "…throw things." With that, she shrugs. "I don't know, we'll figure something out."

The Betas then began to become angry over the situation.

"Please, just because he's pretty doesn't make him the alpha." Zen's foot taps against the ground to match his irritation. "Alright pretty boy, money where your mouth is. Arm wrestling. We'll see who's on top."

At the Unsasan's words, Geta started to fume in annoyance, only to get beaten to the punch by the Senju. "I demand a duel as well."

Hikaru puts a hand to her mouth to muffle her laughter. "Oh I'm going to love hanging out with all of you, you people are great."

Hatsu once again looked pretty oblivious to the meaning in Shiho's words, simply laughing cheerfully again. "I'm not all that great at fighting though." Zen's challenge however, did seem to strike something within the lad. "But I don't back down from a challenge either!" That said he set Shiho down and gave her a friendly pat on the head for good luck before heading over to the Senju boy. "Alright, we're gonna need a level surface then, and we're gonna need someone to start us off. Arm wrestling has to be done right."

"My nubs-they remain unviolated today." Shiho let's out in a sigh which dissolves the blush as she is let down, seeming to try regaining her breathe. "Will they be consumed into Hatsu's arm and become additional flexing arms?" Shiho let out in a curious mumble. "He looks so strong."

Del could not help but burst out into laughter. Even if she was doing her very best to make connections it was getting harder not to pay attention to the master manipulation the Uchiha and Unasan were dealing towards the beta males. 
"Guess i'm rooming with two betas."
They sigh out before getting back to the conversation at hand. 
"I might have lied. I'll explain what I do once we're in the dungeon, or not. Best to keep your cards to your chest. Not that what you can do isn't… Obvious by your state of dress." 

Sachiko offers a short chuckle, nodding her head. "That's fine, Del. You don't have the size to show off, I get it." She responds. Whether or not she was trying to insult the girl was entirely left up in the air. "I was trained as a Samurai, though. It's best to wear your strengths on your sleeve. That isn't to say I don't have some things I don't show off either, though." 

Del raises her hand up, gazing at her nails as she slowly nods as if the Akimichi made sense. 
"I can see that. Zwicky are known for their mastery in water. We were originally from the Mist after all." She continues on. "It's hard not to use water in some form over there. I can knock them down with my moves, and you can come charging in, blowing them all around as they're down." 

"The Land of Fire are where we Akimichi are from originally, though I'm sure we spread like wild fire regardless. Good genes, according to my pa." Sachiko comments, turning back to watch the armwrestle.

Zen looked over to Geta "Let me handle this first."
He dropped down to the ground and moved his hand to grab Hatsu's. He wasn't about to lose.

As soon as Hatsu and Zen match hands, Hatsu puts him down without any effort in the first second.

"Soooooo strong." Kumiko fawns.

"The beeeeeast!" Shiho whines out in a blush

Del appears completely surprised. "Good thing, I was placing my bets on Zen."
"Hate to be out of money."

"What a match! A legend for the ages!" Hikaru roars out.

"He can't be that strong." Geta states.

Hatsu blinks with his cheerful expression having turned blank for once out of surprise. "Er… Huh. Um. Well.. Best.. Two out of three? Maybe you weren't ready." 

Zen stares at his hand and grinds his teeth. "How the he-…" He closed his eyes. "No I lost fair and square." The boy got up off the ground his foot tapped the ground even faster than it had been previously. He was clearly annoyed.

"Zen, honey. Come over here, we're discussing strategy." (Del)

"I still want my duel Uchiha." (Seto Geta)

Hatsu blinks. "Well.. We can still get strong together! I was hoping I'd find other folks interested in improving their bodies once I graduated the academy." But then Zen headed off, leaving him to turn his attention to Geta with a bright smile. "Come on! Let's go!" 

"We're discussing just how best we would synergize with one another. Let Geta get his duel in the mean time." They say with a nod. "I am a water elementist." (Del)

"I can use water." Zen retorts.

Sachiko thumbs towards her own chest. "Fire and Earth." She responds with a small nod. "I don't really like using fire, though. Earth is a much tougher element." 

Zen sighed still pretty miffed. "Water and earth to be precise. Water for offense, earth for utility."

Geta sets down the gourd on his back, lowering himself onto the ground and reaching out to grab Hatsu's hand.

Hatsu would naturally reach to grab Geta's hand as well, already on the ground. "Okay, make sure you're ready first." 

"I know a bit of earth, but that's mostly for-" Del pauses. "We'll see in the dungeon. Should we take bets? I bet one gold on the pretty boy."

Geta's hand hits the floor instantly

Shiho begins to fall to the ground to her knees in awe. "So strong!"

Del blinks at Shiho, then whispers something under her breath towards the large girl.

"Not a big fan of elements at all, really." Sachiko comments further, drawing a gold coin out of her pouch which she thumbs over to Del. She perks a brow at the whisper. "Why?" 

Del captures it in the air. "For the bets. I'll place two gold on you to win." She comments in a cheerful tone, pocketing the coin. "You appear terrifiying, i'd like to estimate who's the strongest."

Hatsu blinks with the same blank expression on his face having returned. "Er… Well.. We can train together you know? This isn't the end! Running, weight lifting, climbing, it's all fun exercise and valuable in the field as ninja too!" 

Sachiko shrugs her shoulders, stepping her way over towards the prone Uchiha. "One more?" She asks.

Hatsu blinks, grinning cheerfully in anticipation to Sachiko "Yes please!" This time he would most certaintly be surprised, or perhaps even usurped!

" Zen, two gold on Sachiko. You in?" (Del)

"No I'm not in Del." (Zen)

"Two gold on Hatsu!" Shiho says rising up with coins in hand. "He can't lose! He is literally just heat and muscle!" She cheers at him.

Del trails over towards Shiho to watch the match. She would hold her hand out. "Let's make it a deal… And he does have some nice muscles I will admit… But Sachiko has heart." 

"He does seem to be quite strong….or are the other guys just wet noodles?" Hikaru shrugs

"I focused more on my jutsu than pure brute strength." Geta says, crossing his arms.

"Then why'd you want to arm-…Nevermind." (Zen)

Sachiko makes a slow descent, sliding down onto her knee first then down onto her belly, shifting around awkwardly so she could properly lay her gargantuan form down. She sets her elbow down, one hand lifted upwards towards Hatsu. "Alright."

The hands clench together, pressing back and forth. It seems like it could be anyone's victory as sweat begins to form-but only on the Akimichi trying to hold back the terror of Hatsu's arm until eventually it gives and Hatsu reigns victor.

Shiho jumps up wildly "He's impossible!" She cries out in delight.

Del is stunned at this rather disturbing turn of events. Feeling as if tears were about to flow from her eyes she would sniff out, taking out two coins and holding them out before Shiho. "He is the chosen muscle, the ones which all other muscle must bow before." She accepts, understanding the ways that the Cult of Hatsu taught.

Zen stares down at Del "Okay we're rooming together so you're not allowed to worship him too." He said with a frown.

Shiho pockets the coins with a wink. "And he's mine, ya see! He picked meeee!" Shiho begins to twirl around in excitement as she laughs like a maniac.

"I'm willing to trade rooms if you want to room with him Shiho." Geta offered.

Shiho gestures to herself. "I would not trade, for I am a lady not some liberal barbarian, Geta." She scoffs.

Hatsu grinned fiercely upon his victory, the lad thrusting his fists into the air afterwards before looking at Sachiko with bright eyes and pure excitement. "That was fun! I haven't met another person that strong and around my age in a while! We definitely should train together." He held out his hand once again, this time in full friendship. "Roomie!" 

Sachiko struggles throughout the short wrestle before ultimately yielding, the back of her hand settling against the ground. She grunts, though her prior calm wasn't shaken by the loss. She starts to sit herself up. "Not bad, Hatsu." She responds with a short nod, sitting with her legs crossed. She takes his hand to shake it. "We'll definitely have to train some time." 

"You are very lucky. I must contend with two betas." Del replies with a slight smirk, trying to push back the thought of losing two gold. "You have picked the most likely to succeed ninja, that is not me." 

"Just because he has muscle doesn't mean he's most likely to succeed." Geta said in defense.

Hatsu happily shakes Sachiko's hand, both ecstatic to find a fellow traveler on the path of LIFT. "Cool! It's gonna be great!" He paused, looking over the Akimichi's form for a moment. "Hrm.. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea for me to go out and get some armor like that too.. It could be good for training in." 

Sachiko rises back to her feet, offering a hand down to the boy in order to help him to his feet. "You can borrow mine." She responds with a grin.

Taking her hand and getting up to his feet the lad's eyes sparkled once again with excitement. "Really?! Sweet!" (Hatsu)

"I don't think her armor will fit." Del comments.

Sachiko helps the boy to his feet, idly brushing off the front of his attire for any loose dust that was still there. She then retracts her hands. "Yeah. If you take a liking to it, I could even try my hand at making you some." She glances to Del afterwards. "Not a problem."

Shiho wanders over to Hatsu, holding a gold coin out to him. "You earned this." 

"I'd really appreciate the offer Sachiko! Now I'll work doubly hard to make sure I can do it!" Hatsu said with an eager fist pump before looking at the coin offered to him by Shiho, blinking in surprise. He reached out, taking it with a grin. "Then how about I just get you something nice with it instead? What do you like?" 

Shiho backs up in wonders as she presses against her face. "For me? A thing?" She let's out a delighted squeal before dropping to the floor. "He wins me physically, now he tries to win me unconditionally with his heart."

Hatsu stood with the cheerful smile still on his face and the gold coin still in his hand, crouching down towards Shiho and still holding out the coin towards her. "So um.. We can just make it a date for later?" He asked, oblivious to the phrasing of his words.

Shiho bursts open like a starfish as she roars out "Yessssssssss!"

Zen placed a hand over his face. The pity he's getting is definitely worse than his instant loss earlier.

"Seems he took out four of us… He pounded my purse too." Del sniffs out.

Zen looked down at Del. "Sorry I lost you money. I'll make it up to you."

"You didn't. It's fun to take risks, won't get ahead otherwise. And we discovered who was the strongest." Del responded

"He's definitely not the strongest. He can just lift the most. If it came down to a full on fight I'd definitely win. You can count on that." (Zen)

"I didn't mean in all combat ways… But if we need something lifted, or someone to be brutally beaten while tied up." Her gaze shifts towards Hatsu . "We know who to call." (Del)

Sachiko shows another thumbs up to Hatsu before brushing past the boy, aiming to walk her way south and away from the area, adjusting the various straps on her armor on her way out. "See you guys later." 

Meanwhile more armwrestling ensued in a lighter weightclass.

Hikaru pats Geta's head. "There, there, if it bothers you that much, you can wrestle against me. Consolation win and all."

"I….appreciate it Hikaru." (Geta"If you want to, I would be willing." 

Hikaru and Geta wrestle arms, the match seeming to be tense, though only Hikaru lets out a sweat before giving in, giving Geta the win.

Hikaru puts up a valiant fight! But she is gradually pushed back until she meets defeat! "Ooh, you do have some muscles!" She bounces back up, cheerful as ever.

"My turn?" Kumiko asks.

"I hope you aren't just saying that to make me feel better Hikaru." Geta responded before turning to Kumiko "Sure Kumi?"

"Why are they…" (Del)

"To cheer up Geta." Zen responds to Del

"But he barely beat her." (Del)

Hikaru wasn't quite listening to Geta, taken in with one of the most entertaining shows she'd ever seen. "Those two are just precious." She murmurs, watching Shiho manage to snag a date.

Shiho begins to wiggle on the ground, pulling her coat into her self happily. "This is a good day to be SHIHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! LET'S GO!" She yelled out.

Kumiko and Geta armwrestle, but Geta easily brings the arm down without a lot of effort, though it wasn't instant.

Kumiko cries out and hops back as if shes hurt and moves behind Hikaru.

"Hikaru, Kumiko, do you two want to….hang out somewhere?" Geta asked.

"Heh, drama queen." Hikaru boops Kumori with her tail. "Time to explore it seems, drinks sounds fun. And I want to check that board for that suicidal kid."

The area dispersed into groups as they headed out to enjoy an evening together, forming new and powerful bonds for the future to come.




















































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